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Roma Life – Best filming locations in Romania part 2

When it comes to Romania, one of the labels that is often put together is the Roma people. In our country, the Roma brand became one of the main reasons why many international filming crews came to Romania to showcase topics like poverty, social inequality, and discrimination. Unfortunately, Romania still has lots to improve when […]

What to film in Romania ? Best filming locations in Romania part 1

If you are looking for a filming location to match your budget and high standards in video production, well you better take a look at Romania. We put together some of the best filming locations and tips to know what to film in Romania. First stop. Rural Life Romania’s country life is all about the […]

Film permits in Romania

Netflix series production Wednesday made it clear to the whole world that Romania is top-notch when it comes to film locations. Virgin forests, medieval castles, old hunted houses, royal rail stations, you named it – Romania is by far a versatile film location to be taken into account when planning a video production. But, whether […]

What it’s like to be a fixer in Romania?

People are usually confused when hearing about my job. It’s not a popular one in Romania and to be honest I was a bit lost as well when I started doing it. To make it more clear let me share a story whit you. G. slips easily into my backpack a crinkled piece of paper […]