Travel documentary

Travel documentary

Case study - Travels whit my father

Broadcaster: Netflix

Production company: Tiger Aspects (UK) 

Executive Producer: Richard Ackerman

      If you want to laugh and see some of the beauties of Romania, you must see Travels with my father, Season 2 episode #2.3. I worked on this production, but I still, laugh when watching it. The adventure of the comic couple in Romania started whit a situation that needed to be fixed. When the story producer called me to help him, the team was close to Maramures, in northern Romania, near the border with Ukraine, ready to enter the country. There were only a few days left to start shooting  and a companion was needed to go along whit the two presenters and show them the wonders of Romania. We had to work quickly and well. And that’s a skill I have.

        The plan was to help them get in touch with some locals I knew in the area, set up some action scenes in their homes, and also facilitate communication via translations. But before I knew it, I was cast as a tour guide for Michael and Jack Whitehall. Man, was I nervous, but also impressed by the way the team was working. The huge crew was like an army without a commander where everyone knew their role and played by the book. A true professional filming crew that cared for every detail and put a lot of patience in guiding and capturing the right footage and angles.

  I provided : 

  • content development

  •  access to contributors 

  • simultaneous  translations

I also acted in front of the camera following the director’s instructions. It was great fun to work with one of the best stand-up comedians in the UK, Jack Whitehall and got terribly amused by the bitter-sweet sense of humor of his father.

Travel documentaries

Case study - Will&Aeron

Production company : Hay Productions

Broadcaster : S4C

Series Producer: Amanda Harries

  From the Danube Delta to the peaks of the Carpathian Mountains, I traveled and coordinated the shooting of 6 episodes of an incredible and challenging travel show with the amazing Welsh team – Will&Aeron. The story had one focus: to match the two farmers with Romanian locals and farmers they could work with. So we had to find the right locations and contributors who were willing to film their everyday lives and include the two outsiders in their daily routine. We filmed the Danube delta’s fisherman and the traditional life of shepherds, but also mystical traditions like fortune telling and magic tarot whit the help of the one and only Queen of White Magic. The show took us on the roads of Romania for more than two weeks, tailoring stories from the most unknown places imaginable.

  I was responsible for:

  • research and scouting
  • co-production
  • logistical handling
  • simultaneous translations