Welcome to my site! I am glad you’ve landed here.

I’m Andra Samoilă and you can consider me your key person for your next project in Romania.




From Radio&TV to International production companies


  I started my journalistic adventure back in 2008 as a local
radio reporter&anchor and moved rapidly to national TV channels where I performed as a voice-over. Having a keen sense of curiosity and
always looking for action, I went into the production field and fell in love
with the adrenaline of on-the-field production. 

   Following my passion, I got the chance to be commissioned as a fixer/producer by international broadcasters, video production companies, freelance film-makers and  journalists to deliver well-known and award-winning stories from Romania that are highly appreciated by the international public.

   If you have an idea for a story, I can be your fixer in Romania. My passion for a good challenge was proven when I managed to get full access to a maximum security prison to film an episode for the Netflix production Inside the World’s Toughest prisons. This experience was like a Ph.D. for filming in difficult environments and exclusive locations.

  My work portfolio incorporates documentary production/ cover stories/travel shows, as well as commercials &corporate productions broadcasted on:

 Netflix, BBC, Channel 4, Discovery Channel, ITV, National Geographic Peacock. tv. France 2, Radio France International, Arte TV, DR TV NHK World Japan, China National Television



True facts and real people

  As a journalist and field producer with a good sense of people and locations, I can turn any place into a film scene. Urban or rural, official or remote you named it and I’ll get you the approval to start rolling the camera. 

   Most of the stories I’ve worked on are based on true facts and real people. I believe the best scenario is life itself and Romania has plenty of diversity and color to cover a wide range of topics. This mix of Latin and Balkan DNA makes Romania one of the most exotic and versatile filming locations in SE Europe. This mixture of ethnicities it’s a great starting point for any story that wants to capture the unknown side of Europe.

  As an adventurous and easy-going partner ready to make stories off the beaten paths of Romania, I can provide the support you need to film in the most exclusive locations while keeping your budget underscore. From medieval castles and fortified churches to authentic rural landscapes and industrial urban harsh environments, I have the key to get you in.  Skilled in filming access clearing procedures I’ll fix you up whit the entrances you need to make your story come to life.