Cover Stories & Journalistic Reports

Cover Stories & Journalistic Reports

Study case : The man who died for trees

Journalist : Tim Wheel

Broadcaster : BBC 4 – Crossing Continents

This was my second time working for the BBC, and I was thrilled to join Tim Wheel on a journalistic investigation into the timber mafia in Romania. We planned and storyboarded to capture the complexity of the situation. From NGO representatives to timber criminals suspected of being involved in the murder of a rancher, we managed to get exclusive statements and unique voices from the victims involved. A complex and comprehensive radio documentary that has all the ingredients for a well-made BBC story.

  I was responsible for:

  • research and fact-checking

  • casting contributors 

  • planning and coordination

  • simultaneous translations

You can listen the story here.

Cover Stories & Journalistic Reports

Study case : War story from Romania

Journalist – Frederique Guille

Broadcaster: Radio France International

    Journalism under war conditions is no joke. Romania, unfortunately, is on the border with Ukraine. When news of the Russian bombing broke, it was only a matter of hours before international journalists came to Romania looking for trusted fixers and producers to help them report the updates on the war.  I worked with French journalist Frederique Guile guiding him on the ground in northern Romania at the border of  Ukraine. 

     It was hard to see all these refugees who came scared and frightened and unwilling to talk about what was happening but whit patience and kindness we managed to pull it through. We conducted several interviews and got in touch whit valuable contributors in order to deliver a full picture of the events.   

  I was responsible for:

  • planning and coordination

  • access to contributors

  •  translations and on-site logistics

Cover Stories & Journalistic Reports

Study case : Romania’s killer roads

Producer : John Murphy

Journalist : Tessa Dunlop

Broadcaster : BBC 4 – Crossing continents

Working for the BBC involved a lot of negotiations with Romanian authorities, politicians, former state presidents, and senior officials. Tackling the topic of road victims challenged me to find suitable contributors to portray the distressing reality.  Together with Tessa Dunlop, we investigated the situation of Romanian infrastructure and the effects caused by lack of administration and poor management.

I facilitated interviews with high official ranks like former Romanian President Traian Basescu and key representatives of the institutions involved in the story. On site, I was responsible for planning, coordination, and translations.

The story can be listen here.

Cover Stories & Journalistic Reports

Study case : The buyers club

Producer : Babel Press, Thomas Ellis, Stephanie Librun and Sebastien Daguerressar

Directors : Mandakini Gahlot and Clément Gargoullaud

Broadcaster – The Guardian

       This story follows the investigation of the hidden network of people who managed to find a way to buy the life-saving hepatitis C drug. An extensive reportage was filmed in several countries, including Romania. Here we featured the most vulnerable categories of people affected by Hepatitis C and conducted a series of interviews with experts and high-ranking officials.

 The filming took place in a difficult environment, including the most dangerous neighborhood of Bucharest (Ferentari), where we captured on camera drug users being tested on the spot for HEP C/HIV or AIDS – many of whom received the bad news. It was a sensitive environment and it was a challenge to keep people on board whit a high level of productivity but we made it happen. 

I was in charge whit: 

  • research and booking contributors

  • secure filming access 

  • production coordination

  • assistance for communication on the shooting field 

You can check out the story here