Documentary support

documentary support

Exclusive access to unique locations

     If you’re looking to shoot a story in real-life conditions put Romania on your filming locations list. Our country has plenty of diversity to offer thanks to our outstanding landscapes and peculiar characters I can fix you up whit.  

  Shepard’s pens or prison, gypsy palaces, or traditional households I’ve cleared access to a wide variety of locations and contributors fit for documentaries and featured stories.

   My trained skills in documentary support are proven by productions such as, We don’t deserve dogs,  Inside the World’s Toughest prison, or What on Earth,  where I served as an Access Producer taking care of the paperwork procedure, clearing filming access, and coordinating on the shooting field.

           I offer documentary support for: 

  1. Script and treatment development
  2. Clearing access procedures
  3. Content assistance 
  4. Casting contributors
  5. Scouting locations 
  6. Narrative development 
  7. On the field translations