Roma Life – Best filming locations in Romania part 2

When it comes to Romania, one of the labels that is often put together is the Roma people. In our country, the Roma brand became one of the main reasons why many international filming crews came to Romania to showcase topics like poverty, social inequality, and discrimination. Unfortunately, Romania still has lots to improve when it comes to tolerance. And yes, Roma people still have to endure discrimination among the Romanian people, despite the efforts made by the RO media.

With a history of thousands of years behind, the origin of ethnic Roma in Romania is shrouded in mystery. It is not known where they come from, especially how they arrived in the Romanian lands.  Most of the voices agree that they originated in India.

 Why did the Roma people come to Romania?

Roma ethnicity is Romania’s most numerous ethnic minorities in Romania since the 18th century. Historical documents say that in the Romanian Principalities, there were the most gypsies in Europe. At that time, they were slaves and served on the boyars or monastery estates. However, few know the origin of this minority.

With a long and bloody history behind them, it is remarkable how Roma individuals have managed to maintain their spirit and family bonds, resulting in the largest minority in Romania.

Romania has nine types of Roma communities. How do you recognize them?

Roma people are simply great because we can get enough of them. It’s hard not to fall in love with a Roma family once you get to know them. Music, food, and a good mood are the main ingredients of a Roma family, no matter how poor or rich they are. The thing about Roma people and one of the cliché that they are often associated with, is the fact that they are poor. Before moving any further, we need to make a fair distinction between the Roma casts existing in Romania. Because each one of them has its individuality that creates the lifestyle of the entire community.

Therefore, we have 9 types of Roma communities in Romania identified by the occupation practiced by the man. Each cast is named by the job practiced, so we have shoemakers, blacksmiths, florists, barbers, gamblers, fiddlers,  silk Roma, bricklayers, or bucket makers. The names of some Roma people speak for themselves about the craft that their members practiced or still practice. Among them are: shoemakers, florists, and fiddlers. The “ silk ” Roma were the ones who made and sold fabrics, carpets, and other such products. The only semi-nomadic Roma nation in our country is that of the spoils ( sporitorii), that is, of those who took care of the mowing of the vessels. They were once among the poorest Roma and traveled in buffalo-drawn carriages. After the forced collectivization in the’ 50s, most of the Roma sponsors became farmers or metal collectors.

No matter their occupation, Roma people are best in town when it comes to parties, music, and showing off.

Deep rotten in their tradition, Roma people know how to have a good time. It is hard not to get caught in the dancing style of good Roma music to move your hips around. The classic gypsy dwelling is a must-discussion when discussing flashing. For, as you must understand right away, possessing a house is arguably the most significant life goal in the Roma heritage, second only to starting a family. A Roma mansion is difficult to ignore when it comes to style. Roma people have historically been nomads, but many of them settle down and construct sturdy, castle-like homes to signify their presence. Possession of a home is among the most significant things for a Roma individual. A greater size is preferable. Roma homes are typically built to make an impression rather than to blend in.

Having a house is one of the main reasons why Roma people go abroad to work. It is nearly impossible to find a job in the country. Firstly, due to discrimination, and secondly, due to low salaries. Many Roma people work abroad just to send back money home.

How to film inside a Roma community?

The Roma community in Romania can be a bit tricky to film in. Filming inside a Roma community requires some prior contact. Getting Roma people’s trust is something pretty hard to achieve, so spending time with them before you film is an excellent way to ensure your filming access.

Once you have your filming permit fixed, you better get ready for a blast when you enter a Roma community, because something is always happening with Romas. Whether it’s a love story, a drama, or a real-life story, you name it. The Roma community has a great sense of the show and once they get the idea of a video production, it is easy for you, as a filmmaker to put your imagination to work. Because Roma people are very good native actors. They can make a show, no matter where.

 Filming in Romania magical rituals and live witchcraft sessions

In my many encounters with the Roma people, I managed to understand them better and see beyond the limited thinking that we were raised with. Roma people are about magic and witchcraft, spells, and moon dating. Because the mystical side of the Roma people is one of their best-known trademarks in the world.

Romania has its royal figures among the Roma community connected with charms and fortune-telling. Believe it or not, fortune telling is a job that Roma ladies still practice nowadays in some parts of Romania. Entering a witch’s house is an experience that I recommend you try.

I end my very long story about the Roma community with one last overall experience for filming when you join the Roma community. Food. Roma loves to eat. And they do it in a big way. So once you get your invitation at the table you better take a big breath because the Roma people will treat you like a king. One of the best things about Roma people is that they like to share. And that is a lesson many of us would need to learn.

So, yeah, Romania has its Roma people but that only makes it even more exciting. With a strong history background coming from communist times, Romania has its layers of people and personalities that make it unique and controversial at the same time, perfect to fit the narrative of any video production. 

To be continued.



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October 19, 2023

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